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This is my submission for my college portfolio!! It is not perfect, but I'm very proud of it! It is (depending on your playthrough speed) anywhere from 23-45'ish minute long! Descent into Madness is a short, narrative driven horror game with a first person perspective and some elements of exploration and survival. Story and writing was shared with a friend - Darryl Russell. 

Inspired by Brain on Fire, by Susannah Cahalan


As I am still learning, I have a few things to mention!

* I don't know how to use inventory entirely yet, so you can't keep your flashlight between levels; however, you'll always find a flashlight on the ground beneath you, glowing yellow! (Same with keys)

*If the game seems to have frozen for a brief moment, it is just loading between levels.

* The mouse bugs out in the credit scene, so to close the game you have to currently alt-tab and manually close it.


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Hey I forgot to share that I've recorded your game! I hope you enjoy!

Wow, this is super cool! Very nice work!

Thank you so much for checking my game out! Really appreciate your feedback!

I loved it.

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not bad, this game was better than before goodjob ^-^

n ot

Pretty nice game. More better than the first game lmao. Btw all the things i said to you in this video is just a joke (except for the intro). Probably should fix some bugs i encountered. With ambient occlusion is a better experience with this. 

thank you for playing and making a video of it! Haha thank you for the heads up, can’t wait to watch your video! I do have some bugs, going to fix that when I get time off from my job :)

Wowza! What a nice game! Box puzzle solution was fun required a minute's search. The more "dreamlike" elements really built well into the finale. The sea moment and final escape were probably the highlights of the experience, however, I did fall through the floor and have to reload in that later segment a few times. The voice acting was also a plus!

10/10 would play again (or speedrun)

thank you thank you thank you! Glad you enjoyed my game :)! I need to add a kill zone if you fall through the floor - thematically, falling forever fits the story but gameplay wise it’s horrible haha. Thank you again for your kind words! 

This is a good begining to...  something. I enjoyed it for what it was. Good game!

Hello! Thank you for trying my game! I'm sorry for the confusion, there was a flashlight in the cabinet at the beginning of the house - that would have shown you the "jammed" door you run into at the end is just blocked with removable planks! You're actually only half way done :). Also, I'm afraid your video didn't record your sound, just wanted to let you know <3!

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good creepy

thank you so much for trying it out! Any part you loved or hated?

OH you didn’t finish it 😂. The house is only part way. There is a gold goblet on the desk that has a secret! If you check it out, it unlocks the next room and will let you continue the game!! You still have about 20 more minutes of content left 😊

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dont want spoilar ending ahahaha yes good game 

Very kind of you :). Thank you again so much for playing the game!

Despite presenting some negative points, such as the lack of purpose of the inventory, the game is well-produced and very interesting, since it has inspirations in a real person. Kudos to that.

thank you very much for your feedback and for giving it a try! Can’t wait to watch your video as well :)! I think you’re also right, the inventory was mainly for the flashlight, but otherwise didn’t have a major impact.

The bookshelf one of the book says drag but does not work

At the end, when the floor collapses, if you fall, I have to load the game manually

thank you for the heads up! I’ll update that ASAP 😊! Also, thank you so much for giving my game a try!

A for effort :) you both put in story, npc's, chase scenes and jumpscares and a few puzzles :) door mechanics could do with some work, animations are a bit off, but mixamo is often the only solution cause animation is hard :) Some items missing textures etc. But i enjoyed the short experience, Thank you

thank you very much for your feedback and for playing my game!! Really appreciate it! Totally agree on all points, and I can’t believe I missed a few textures haha! Can’t wait to watch your video as well!

Thank you for making a new game. I download and experience it

thank you very much for giving it a shot! Any moments you loved or hated? Was the lock puzzle at the beginning okay?

Very well-developed. No doubt it took a while to make

Thank you so much! It did take a bit of time haha. Any moments you hated or loved?

I love any and all feedback, especially if it helps me improve the gameplay experience for future players! I do have a playthrough video at the top right of this page, that I made as part of my college portfolio submission. You can check there as a last resort if you get stuck (but please mention where you get stuck in a comment so I can keep track of it <3).

Can't seem to get any hint for the combination lock, what am i missing?

There is a post-it-note hidden in that office space. Think escape room (if you've ever done one before!).

And thank you for asking, I'm keeping track of how effective that puzzle is so I can edit it later if necessary. 

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Hi! Hope you enjoyed the game!